King size Adirondack's

If you want the comfort of an Adirondack in a chair that sits higher like a standard chair and is easier to get in and out of, then our "King Size" chair may be right for you.

Available in two widths

We make it in two widths. If you prefer a wider chair, you'll love the extra width and comfort of our King Size Wide. The seat is 3 1/2 inches wider.

Beauty and Comfort

Now the beauty and relaxing feel of a Cedar Adirondack is available in a full size chair - our King Size and King Size Wide.

King Size Chair 30" wide x 36" deep x 41" tall
King Size Wide Chair 33.5" wide x 36" deep x 41" tall

King Size Adirondack $325

King Size Wide Adirondack $350

  • Clear Western Red Cedar.
  • Chairs available with a pointed back or a fan back.

Call (360) 580-3956 to order