Adirondack Chairs, Tables & Ottoman

People say, "Once you sit in our chairs, you don't want to get out." Our Adirondack chairs are ergonomically designed for the human body - that's why we make three styles.

We make a "Lazy Day" chair, a classic Adirondack recliner; good for sitting at the beach or lake. Just put on your sunglasses, relax and enjoy the day.

We also make a more upright chair, "The Reader". It's perfect for reading a book, eating or enjoying the view.

Adirondack Rocker

We also make an rocker for even more relaxation. This rocker comes with either the "Lazy Day" deep seat or "The Reader" upright seat.

King Size Adirondack

Looking for a full size chair that's sits taller and can be ordered with a "wide" seat? Check out our King Size Adirondacks.

Lie back and relax

Set your drinks on our matching Cedar cocktail table, put your feet up on our matching ottoman, lay back and your entire body relaxes, for hours of comfort.

Lazy Day chairs are available with straight or paddle arms. The paddle arms are great for setting a drink on as they curve in slightly. The straight arms are wider apart for more room. There are two styles of backs available, the fan back, (shown in the top left column) and the pointed back (top photo).

Find the perfect fit

Visit our Perfect Fit page to customize your chair to find the fit that's just right for you.

Available as a kit

Our chair, cocktail table and ottoman are available in kits. Watch our "How To Assemble Your Furniture" videos.

Adirondack Chair 30" wide x 36" deep x 39" tall
Rocker, Lazy Day 30.5" wide x 40" deep x 39" tall
Rocker - Reader 30" wide x 36" deep x 39" tall
Ottoman 16" wide x 22 1/2" long, 15" tall
Cocktail Table 17 7/8" wide x 24 3/4" long, 21 3/4" tall

Adirondack Chair $300

Adirondack Rocker $350

Carved Back + $50

Ottoman $85

Cocktail Table $110

  • Clear Western Red Cedar.
  • Chairs available with a pointed back or a fan back.
  • Seats come as a deep-seat or upright seat.
  • Lazy Day chairs can have paddle arms or straight arms.
  • Available as a kit. Watch our "How to Assemble" videos.
  • Custom carved backs are available. Pick from our selection of designs or we can do a custom design for an additional charge. Just ask.

Call (360) 580-3956 to order