Bar Stools

Use these bar stools indoors for counter seating or outdoors on the balcony or deck. They're good for a bar, a man cave, a patio deck - either inside or outside.

Sit up high

People often choose these chairs for their condominiums or house decks because you sit up higher and can see over the railing.

Tall people especially find these chairs comfortable. Some of our customers choose these chairs as their first pieces of furniture.

Naturally weather resistant

Leave these chairs on your deck year round, cedar chairs can last for decades. Let them weather to a natural gray, or to keep their rich color, restain them when their color begins to fade. We'll tell you how - just ask.

Matching Table

We also make a matching tall Cedar table.

We use all stainless steel swivels and fasteners on our chairs. They won't ever rust and the natural tannins and oils in the cedar won't cause the fasteners to bleed into the wood and stain it.

Bar Stool 21 3/8" wide x 19" deep x 57 1/2" tall
Seat Height 31 1/2" floor to seat
Seat 21 3/8" wide x 19" deep x 22 1/2" tall

Bar Stool $575

Matching Table $350

  • Clear Western Red Cedar

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