Folding Bench & Table

It's a beautiful cedar bench, flip the seat back over and it's a table. Twice the convenience! They are light, fit in small spaces and are perfect for working, eating or resting.

Remove a pin, rotate the back, pop in the pin and it's a table!

The folding benches come in two sizes: a medium (left column, top 2 photos) and large (left column, bottom photo).

Easily change from bench to table

Just remove the bolt, rotate the seat back, put the bolt back in and it's a table. (Medium table shown.)

Large Bench/Table 62" L x 26 1/2" W x 33 3/4" H
Medium Bench/Table 50 5/8" L x 13 3/8" W x 27 1/8" H

Large folding bench $550

Medium folding bench $375

  • Clear Western Red Cedar
  • Changes from bench to table

Call (360) 580-3956 to order