Perfect fit seat

We offer several styles to fit you.

Do you want a deep relaxing chair, where you sink into it and let your worries disappear? The "Lazy Day" chair (on the left) is perfect. You sit deep into the chair for that relaxing feel Adirondack's are known for.

Or do you prefer a more upright chair, where you can read and gaze out at the world? Then you may prefer "The Reader" chair (on the right). It's not as deep as the standard Adirondack. It's perfect for an afternoon book or magazine.

Perfect fit arms

The "Lazy Day" chair comes with a choices of two arms: the standard arm (on the right) and a slightly wider paddle arm (on the left).

Paddle arms are great for having a refreshing drink and tend to contour to your body - very relaxing. They have a slightly narrower seat opening than the standard arm.

Some prefer the straighter standard arm. It has plenty of arm room and has a slight wider opening.

You choose.

Perfect fit height

Do you seek the relaxing comfort of an Adirondack chair but find them too low to the ground to easily get in and out of? Then we have the perfect fit for you in our "King Size" Adirondack chair (shown on the right).

Compared to a standard Adirondack, it's not as low to the ground and many find them easier to get in and out of - and, they are available in two widths.

Prefect Fit width

Finally, an Adirondack chair with extra width - the "King Size Wide".

Some people who want the comfort of an Adirondack have never found a chair that fits them until now.

If you prefer a chair with extra width, then you'll love our "King Size Wide". The seat is 3 1/2 inches wider. You get the relaxing feel and beauty of a Cedar Adirondack with room to spare.

Perfect fit backs

Our body is curved, but most Adirondack chairs have flat backs - not such a good fit.

Our backs curve to fit you. We offer them in two styles: the traditional "Pointed Back" (on the right), and the wider and fuller "Fan Back" (on the left).

A curved smooth back wraps around you, helping you to relax.

Crafted for comfort

We build our outdoor furniture with indoor furniture craftsmanship.

Our Adirondacks have no sharp corners, they're rounded and hand sanded smooth, an attention to detail that looks and feels wonderful.

With hand selected woods, elegant lines and a commitment to comfort in our designs, we have the perfect Adirondack chair to fit you.

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Find measurements, details and prices on our Adirondack page and our King Size Adirondack page.